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Wednesday, 17 October 2007

Tagging You

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Rooms of My Heart
Change..., 8 things that makes me who I am now, The meaning of being mom...

The Aroengbinang Project
The Turning Paths, Love is a Rarely Blind, Uncharthed Path

Dare to Blog
How Do I View Life... , Follow Your Dreams , Reflection of a Gentle Heart...

Kingdom of Heaven
Homily of Love , A Worth Reading , Harga Sebuah Mujizat

Gratefully Thanks, Lord is My Healer, God is My Shepherd and My Hope

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Tuesday, 16 October 2007

Mighty Hands

I did not remember how many accidents I have experienced, regardless it because of my fault or someone else, but through all of these experiences I learnt that God helps all the time.

A miracle two days before the final Senior High School exam 1997 happened. As usual, I prepare all of things to face it and also checking the place where the exam will be held with Anna – a friend and neighbor. We always go to school together with her motorbike.

Everything seemed perfect in that Saturday morning, no rush, and no bad traffic at all; Anna and I went to school. It just about 2 km of 6 km on the way, a group of ‘white & grey uniform’ students went across the street. They were Technical High School students.

I was slowing down the bike when a man was doubtful crossing the street. Franticly I turned my bike away from him, but boom…gosh it was too late!

Fell over from the bike got us minor injuries. Bad bruises all over our hands and legs, so poignant...ugghhh so was the man. Yet worst, Anna got to wear eyeglasses until now…so sorry Anna for that. But we had to continue our ride to school…O God, it was so painful.

Some teachers blamed us for that incident when we arrived at school. Yes we knew that two more days we are facing the final exam…but we were careless. After getting the treatment, we continue the study…

Thanks God we were okay, only minor injuries, so we could face the final exam on Monday. In fact, we got good marks in the result and could continue to learn in university. God’s mighty hands had proofed once again!

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Wednesday, 5 September 2007

gratefully thanks

Dear JC,
How great I thank Thee for all You have done…
especially in my last long seven months vacation at home
many things happened, good and bad…
nevertheless they were nothing, compare to Your love!

JC, You knew…

I have been scheduled to join the ship last July…but it was canceled!
However, I did not know why…
I was so calm at that timeso relax…even laugh, no worry at all
Eventhough I realize, I am broke soon if no job to do
I just relied on You…believe that something good You have prepared for me!
…and the answers were just revealed a month ago

You touched my friend Rian in Prinsendam to contact me

He asked me to replace him in September not December as scheduled
Wow JC, it was great news though! I said okay…
Then he arranged his request to go home earlier to the head office Seattle
I just believe that if this one is Your will, no one can stop it!


one time in August my other fellow worker Komang from Prinsendam called me

Hey…your name appeared here, this coming September!

I explained him that I had called the agent in Jakarta about it, and…

there was no updated status for me than as scheduled in December!

Yet, he urged me to contact again and I did… still, the result was zero

JC…big questions filled my head

The agent said that the system is online between Seattle and Jakarta

But the truth was, my name appeared on the ship?

After explaining the situation to him, he agreed to send an email about the real status to the head office.

One day, I was checking my mail JC…

Rian confirmed that he already asked the exchange schedule…even he called me!

The head office agreed and rescheduled him to go home earlier

and put me to replace him on September 22

So…if this one was not by You, who can do better?

Then finally, the agent called me to schedule my re-medical checkup in Jakarta

JC, again…You showed me a miracle moment!

You knew, I had my previous medical checkup in the same hospital on May…

“Hello doctor, we meet again” I said to the physician when I entered his room

amazingly, without a complete physical examination, he gave me good result…wow!

Even the receptionist said how quick I was examined!

See, sometimes Your sense of humor shown…he…he…

Another occasion astonished me JC!
You know…when I came to the agent’s office in Jakarta
to arrange the Netherlands’s visa a day before the re-medical checkup,
I found out that…if I joined the ship last July,
I would still in the junior level than I should be!
I heard from my friend’s experienced, to remedial the status
took months and the salary of course would be lessen than it should be…Great thanks JC!

Dear JC,
I have been showered with an unconditional love…it’s Yours
You gave chance to serve You in church…gospel music, I love it!
You sent Your children to make my vacation so colorful…
Thanks for acquainted me with such great friends with their wonderful talents
Besides my friends in church who always support me to believe and serve You
You gave me cyber friends and thanks, some of them…I met in personal
Yunus Eka, my previous roommate and Jaya my work mate in Westerdam
who urged me to make a friendster,
from them I knew about friendship and high tech he...he...thanks guys
Bless Yunus’s families in Malang who had welcomed me
when I went there to visit, nice families!
Ros Maria, my first blogging friend.
Thanks for the support to update my blog and allowing me to repost your appendectomy valuable experience.
Thanks as well for sharing me your ‘stories’… I learnt a lot girl! Regards to bang P
Agus Edditag and Aroeng Binang, my first gurus in blogging space!
Your tutorials help me much to be a blogger mania
Riena Kusuma, a girl with tender heart and longing for Your presence everyday
From her I learnt about how to love You,
surrender and rely on Your will every time.
In addition, we have the same vision to witness about Your great loves in life…
we pour out them in the testimonial, let it be blessing to others…
from You to the world for Your glory!
Great thanks to see her wonderful and warmth families and friends,
they have been huge blessing for me
Great thanks also to ‘my cousin’ Dee Hapsari, who helped me to edit some of my articles
to be easy to understand and meaningful,
a nice friend who accompanied me when I was in Malang
Such great talent you have Dee, keep it up!
My great thanks JC to Trinity my new spiritual sister and friend,
a creative blogger with inspiring stories, down to earth and easy to understand.
A lovely wife and caress mom to her family,
and I am sure a great and loveable daughter to You Lord
Sister, you have been great blessing for sharing me
the true meaning of ‘love’ with your summary ‘Bagaimana Saudara tahu Saudara telah jatuh cinta
Yet, I am sure it's happening to me…
and sister, your blog is our favorite, keep blogging!
Chubbycheeksillustration, made by my high school’s friend.
Her loves to God always amaze me…no wonder God blesses her wonderfully.
Nice blog and inspiring though!

Dear JC,

My journeys are still rolling…
More over, I was speechless to know that You are making my dream come true…
I thought it was gone when I noticed I was canceled to join the Rotterdam in July
Still, Europe is my journey on my next assignment with Prinsendam
I surrender all my life and the ‘great’ plan next year…
Let Your wills be done unto me!
Traveling my life with You as the Captain is always wonderful
Through all good and bad circumstances, You make them all beautiful!
From that on, let me be an open letter to the world about You
Write more and more about You
Live my life in other great miracles You give
to experience the lives


With deepest love,


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Friday, 31 August 2007

Quicker than I thought

Strength and courage for the weary
God’s own hand to guide each day
This and more is for the asking
When we meditate and pray

“Dad, please pray for me. Tomorrow I have to go to Lampung to take care Ranto’s education fund. I’m going there with morning flight” said Mary to John her father. Mary, a seven months pregnant - woman, must go to another city in Sumatra because her husband could not leave his tasks as a Pediatrician student. They’d ever stayed in Lampung for four years, but they moved to Jogjakarta (in Java Island) as Ranto taking the pediatrician college. The flight from Jogjakata must transit in Jakarta for an hour and then continue to Lampung. Meanwhile John her father, prayed for God’s guidance to Mary.

After over night in the official home for a physician she used to live with her family in Lampung, Mary went to the Regent Government Office by bus in that early Friday morning. She used to work in this office, but she asked a transfer to Jogjakarta to accompany her husband. Her plans were meeting the treasurer, clear the fund and going home right away. Apparently, many people got in the line to clear the fund because the treasurer just got back from Solo in Java Island for her sibling’s cemetery for days. Gosh, I could not stay longer here, who will take care my daughters and husband back home...

“Hi Mary, how are you? What are you doing here?” “I’m fine Sir…I have to clear my husband’s education fund” she answered to the Regent Officer when they met. “My husband could not come for himself; he has an urgent task in Jogja. However, Sir, I think I could not get the fund today. The Line was so long in the treasurer’s office. I have to stay longer…” “It’s alright, come with me” the Regent cut her sentence before she finished it. Then they went to the Regent office. After a little chitchat, she got the clearance letter to give to the treasurer to clear the fund.

Thanks God, without You it would not finish so quickly…only a day! I didn’t have to stay longer in Lampung and could go home to Jogjakarta quicker than I thought. God, surely it was You who sent the Regent early in the morning because he didn’t use to come to office so early. Moreover, if I had to get in line, I have to come again on Monday because Friday is a short day, Saturday and Sunday are holidays for Government Office.

I will instruct you and teach you in the way you should go; I will guide you with My eye (Psalm 32:8)

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Wednesday, 1 August 2007

Lord is My Healer

Something inside kept asking to accompany my husband Ary, to go to Klaten. My youngest daughter Restry was ill in that time, so she could not join us. Eventhough heavyhearted, after we prayed for her and our trip, we went to Klaten. Everything seemed fine in that time 2002. It took about 2 hour’s trip from Karanganyar where we live, to Klaten. I was 44 years old, in good condition taking quite long journey with my husband to Klaten.

Entering Solo, just about half an hour trip from home, suddenly something hurt my left-middle finger. It stuck badly! “Mas, it is so hurt!” I told my husband when we stopped. My body became stiff; numb…it was so quick! I could not feel anything

Thanks God, we were close to RS. Dr. Moewardi when it happened. I believe He led us to that hospital for getting immediate help. “Dik, hold on…I will take you to hospital right now”. Franticly my husband turned the vehicle to the ICU right away. Lord my God, please help me! I shouted to the Lord in that critical situation. I believe in YouYour powerful blood will heal me!

The doctor said that I almost got stroke after he took pre-examination on me. Praise God, if only You did not lead us on our waysit could be fatal! The inner voice within me kept asking me to confess about the healing. My numb tongue did not let me down to say “Jesus’ blood heals me!” I believe He is bigger than what I was going through. I did not care about what people thinking about me, but I kept my confession repeatedly. From the medical check up result, my heart was okay except my blood pressure became 140 than normally 120.Then the doctor sent me to the neurologist to get a better intensive care, in fact, I had to overstay. I got medicine through the intravenous, but it turned out worse; I could hardly breathe and weaker...

“Nurse, where is doctor?” I asked the nurse. “The doctor just left home…don’t worry he is going to check you tomorrow”, the nurse said indifferently. O God, how could it happen? The doctor just left home, I might be getting worsebut no, I will not give up, You are the doctor of doctors! “Jesus’ blood heals me!” I kept my faith up and said it repeatedly…I had my husband beside me, yet He sent relatives and friends to strengthen and prayed for me…thanks God! And few hours later, something strange happened. I felt like a refreshing blood flowing inside me, strengthen me and …the critical condition had been passed! Amazing

I could only bed rest in about 3 months for recovery. I often went to the hospital to check up my condition…but dizzy and numb still happen. Two neurologists had been taking care of me but still nothing. Then, I went to an Internist…and praise God; he found out that I got an acute gastric problem. Thus, I got an appropriate treatment until I recovered.

I knew, God allowed all of these to test my faith and my family, to grow up our lives in following Him. To give thanks in all circumstances, trust Him for His plans on us. Praise the Lord!

Base on Fena, my mother’s story, composed by: Riena M Kusuma N, SH

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Tuesday, 24 July 2007

I LOVE YOU JC (part 2)

Lie back, daughter, let your head
be tipped back in the cup of my hand.
Gently, and I will hold you.
Spread your arms wide, lie out on the stream
and look high at the gulls.
A dead-man’s float is face down.
You will dive
and swim soon enough where this tidewater
ebbs to the sea. Daughter, believe
me, when you tire on the long thrash
to your island, lie up, and survive.
As you float now, where I held you
and let go, remember when fear
cramps your heart what I told you:
Lie gently and wide to the light-year
stars, lie back, and the sea will hold you.

(First Lesson, Phillip Booth)

Dear JC,
As a man who is well-acquainted with sea
I learn many things from a deep, vast ocean..
It’s like life in analogy..
Tide, storm, sunshine…
Sorrows, joys, and even humors…
Every single thing has its own wisdom inside…
Now I’m writing to You…
telling how You create me as a strong sailor through rough wind and abating storm..

Ooops, I’m sorry JC, I was laughing, but I was not laughing at You.
It’s just…uhm… sometimes I think You’ve got good sense of humor.
Even in bad circumstances experienced by Your sons.
Like what I have experienced so far.
JC, I know You have a good ability in putting lessons about life in any kinds of situation.
Laughs and tears are provided to enrich human’s life perspectives.
All are means of showing Your caress….
Now, I’m facing hardship in life, but thanks JC I still can laugh because….
I know You always be with me…
Never let me alone in any circumstances….
I remember…six years ago I was through a circumstance by which I changed my point of view.
Since then I know the One to whom I trust and ask for strength whenever I’m weak.
You share Your optimism to see problems as challenges in life.
“So, with You I can do a lot of things.” (Phil 4:13)

Dear JC,
Let me trace back to what happened to my family several years ago.
It was about how my family got the emotional bound between the members.
It was my older brother’s girlfriend You used to show that…
love between family members is precious thing in life…
My brother loved her with all his heart, even he helped her financial problem by giving her money to pay her college–fee and also gave her family capital to set their shop..
But what had she done to him?
She loved another man when my brother was on duty on the ship.
How could she do that, JC?
It was a long relationship to throw away…
But he always trusts in You and believes that everything will be ok if he leaves everything on Your hands….

Dear JC,
A couple of years later, it happened also to me…
I broke my 10–years relationship with a girl I loved..
However, I consider it as something worth learning.
It really means a thing for me..
Love, laughs, tears, caress….are things which do not deserve to be thrown away..

Ha..ha..ha..anytime I remember that I question myself…
……why should I cry out loud……
……why should I loose weight……
……why should I loose my appetite……

Dear JC,
I learn from those bad circumstances that
Since then each member of my family tries to reach each other's hands
to strengthen those who are weak….
You make my family is closer to each other…
Pray together in Your Almighty name…
Share laughs and tears…
Although distance does us apart…
I still remember what is said by my mother:
If there were a writer whose will to write our stories, there would have been a good family drama to watch on TV!
Now on, from what we experienced in the past, we can help others whose the same problems..
Thanks JC for the opportunity to learn the cruel side of life so that we can offer hands to help others…

Dear JC,
Now, I come across with another bad circumstance…
On July 17th I should have been on the ship doing my job…
seeing Europe and Latin America as I always dream about…
But suddenly………………………………………………………………………………
My name disappeared from the list of crews who will join the sail.
Emails have been sent to the Headquarter, but I’ve got no certain answer for it.
Shocked….confused……but I wonder why I just laugh at it.
Though I realize that I’ve been five months on vacation
and slowly I’m broke for there’s no job to do!
I messaged my cell leader, my best friends, and also my prayer troops,
telling them what happens to me…
And I’ve got the same reply:
..maybe this is the time God lets you find your soul mate before sailing……
Ha…ha…ha…this is what I love about You JC…
Behind all sorrows, there must be something given as reward.
You never let us down….
“There which eye has not seen and ear has not heard, and which have not entered the heart of man, all of God has prepared for those who love Him.”
(1 Corinthians 2:9)

Dear JC,
I remember when I let my beloved one go a few years ago…
You show me this precious Scripture:
“My son, do not regard lightly the discipline of the Lord, nor faint when you are reproved by Him; for those whom the Lord loves He disciplines, and He scourges every son whom He receives.” (Hebrew 12:5-6)

Is this what You want me to learn, again?
You disciple me, You make me a man, a grown-up man..
Not a spoiled boy who always gets what he wants and cries if he doesn’t get what he wants…
Is this the way You get me into my manhood?
Although the bad circumstances sometimes made me cry, made me loose my mind but….
As long as I’m with You, I will be strong…
Let them challenge me!
I’m not afraid anymore because I know You always be at my side…

Dear JC,
Teach me how to cope hardships in life…
Mould me to the shape that You want me to be…
Give me strength….
Give me Your eternal Light….
Hold me tight…
Let this humble man face his life challenges…
Conquer life by the power from You, Lord…
not from my own might I can bear the burdens…
Let Your wills done!

From the deepest love to You, my JC

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Thursday, 19 July 2007

Deliverance from the Death

I went to complete my administration terms in my campus for the graduation ceremony. Dini my friend, who lives in the same way home with me asked for a ride home. I was in hurry to go home but she insisted eventhough I didn’t have one helmet spare. There’s no sign that something bad was going to happen in that morning, 2001 a week after I finished my thesis test. Thanks God, I could not imagine if this experience happened before the test.

It took only 15 minutes to Dini’s home by motorbike somehow. Before we arrived, around 20 meter away home I turned the right sign-lamp on and I took a look at my right rearview mirror…it seemed okay to cross the street. The cars behind us even slowed their ride down to give space to cross. I was right on the middle of the street, when suddenly a truck in high speed came across. Franticly I tried to avoid it, but there was no time...O God, please help...Dini... BOOM! Everything became dark...

I opened my eyes, I heard voices...everything was blur...I was dazed from the accident…tried to wake up and searched for my friend Dini. O God, she was there…by the street’s edge. People clustered around her. I came and shook her up…Dini, are you alright? Dini, please wake up…but she was unconscious…her head was wounded and bleeding…O God…what should I do? “Come on, hurry up…bring her to the hospital” the crowd shouted. Then some men stopped a car and lifted her inside. The car brought us to the nearest hospital; Thanks God it’s only five minutes away…

While Dini was being taken care in ICU, I went to complete the papers for the administration and tried to contact Dini’s parents and mine. God please let Dini’s parents know about this accident…it was my prayer when I couldn’t contact them. Suddenly they showed up with tensed expression…Lord, I’m worry about Dini…help me to explain to Dini’s parents…eventhough it was small wounded but every time she’s awake, she’s vomiting and fainted again…please Lord…
”I’m sorry, I couldn’t control it…we’re just about to cross the highway, suddenly without any sign a truck…”, “It’s okay…let’s just pray that Dini is okay” Dini’s parents cut my explanation. They tried to calm their voices, but their worry face obviously seen. My parents came abruptly. “Are you okay Rien?” Suddenly I lost my mind, so dizzy and I felt weak…I walked wobbly into the ICU. “Nurse, can I get medicine…” the nurse then laid me on the bed…but I started vomiting…so dizzy…weak…I had to stay on the bad a whole week long, but Dini…she was coma for a week and almost a month she didn’t remember anyone even worst…she lost her sense of smell!.

In 2005, Dini and I were together in a boarding house. We were joking with friends in that afternoon, playing around…”Who’s farting?! Gosh…it’s so smell!” Dini shouted. “Haaah? Dini…you can smell again…!” I was completely stupefied by what has happened. He made miracle to Dini, her sense of smell came back. I recalled that bad day. Many witnesses who saw that terrible accident said that we were hit by speeding truck, we collided badly on the truck’s nose…my head broke the rearview, and Dini’s head without helmet hit the asphalt straightaway. But amazingly, the crowd said…it’s like someone had laid me down safely with helmet still on my head. What a wonderful Lord You are! You saved and kept us away from any worst injured. Most amazingly, it didn’t take a long time for the healing. Praise the Lord!

composed by:
Riena M Kusuma N, SH

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